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Patrice Holmes

Surrey Pet Angels is a professional dog walking and holiday pet care company, based in Surbiton and established 9 years.

Surrey Pet Angels is run by myself, Patrice Holmes and I will be the only person looking after your pet. I don't ever 'farm out' bookings to anyone else.

When going away on holiday, I never felt happy about locking our 3 cats up in a confined cattery cage. It was for this reason I knew there was a need for a holiday pet care service that would allow cats to remain in the comfort of their own territory; at home.

Having worked in central London, I was also acutely aware of the long working hours and commuting time of professionals and how this is at odds with providing exercise and fun for our dogs.

So I left a management role in The City held for many years and decided to give up the soul-less corporate existence to follow the dream of caring for animals.

Surrey Pet Angels will give your dog all the exercise it needs when you are at work so you can come home to a tired but contented pet. We will also care for your cat while you are on holiday.

Surrey Pet Angels cares for your pet when you can't.

The Areas I Cover

The areas I cover for both dog walking and holiday pet care are:

  • Surbiton
  • Tolworth
  • Berrylands
  • Chessington
  • Hook
  • Hinchley Wood
  • Claygate
  • Thames Ditton and Long Ditton
  • and surrounding KT1, KT5, KT6, KT7, KT9, KT10 areas

Just a Few Of My Happy Customers

I have cared for literally hundreds and hundreds of cats, dogs and all the various other pets you could think of. I have posted a very small selection of them below and you can view more in the pet gallery.

A friend introduced Surrey Pet Angels to us and that was over 8 years ago. Patrice has cared for our two tabbies ever since and we have come to think of her as part of the do our two pusses. We trust her implicitly so much so that we have given her a key to our home to keep. We appreciate her sending a few photos or video clip via Whatsapp, knowing that they are happy and safe makes being away much easier. We would not hesitate to recommend Patrice and her services. - Michael, Jessica, Lofu & Lohan in Claygate
Patrice has been walking my dogs for over 6 years. I would not trust anybody else to look after them. Each time they go out with her she sends me a video showing the dogs having so much fun. My current dog really looks forward to her walks. Patrice insists on visiting a dog and owner at their home before she agrees to take any dog on and she really goes go the extra mile; if needs be she will come in after the walk and feed my dog and let her out, if she can. She is the only dog walker I know who really watches the dogs she walks; you will never find her talking on her phone whilst walking the dogs which is so common these days with other dog walkers. I cannot recommend Patrice enough, she gives me total peace of mind, knowing my dog has a great walk and comes back happy and relaxed. - Kate in Surbiton
Patrice has walked my dogs for four years, starting off with Roma, then Bobby and finally Holly. My three dogs all have different needs due to varying in age, ability and health status but Patrice looks after them beautifully and they're always delighted to see her. I cannot recommend Patrice highly enough. She is reliable, trustworthy and she really looks after my dogs well. - Shona in Surbiton
Patrice has been looking after my 2 cats for 5 years now and she has been wonderful. My cats can be quite shy but they love Patrice and I'm so much more relaxed going away. Its also really helpful having someone keep an eye on the house. Patrice has provided care for long holidays and short, last minute breaks and she never fails to keep us updated with photos and short videos. I thoroughly recommend Patrice to all pet owners. - Louise in Berrylands
Patrice has looked after my mum's 2 dogs Annie and Bonnie for a number of years now. They absolutely adore Patrice which is evident by how excited they are when she comes to collect them! I would have no hesitation in recommending Patrice, she is extremely professional, reliable and experienced. She is extremely kind and clearly loves what she does and all the dogs she walks clearly love her! In fact, my mum has commented how lucky she was to find Patrice and she would not want anyone else to look after her dogs. - Jackie in Chessington
A cattery was never an option when going away as I hated leaving my cats cooped up in a strange place. Surrey Pet Angels provided exactly what I was looking for - someone who loved animals to care for my cats whilst they were in their own home. Patrice was excellent. Not only did she provide a professional service but she also spent time playing with the cats and would put pictures of them on a website so we could see what our cats were up to everyday. Most significantly, coming home to 2 playful contented cats spoke volumes. I will definitely be using Surrey Pet Angels again. - Christina in Thames Ditton
Patrice has been a wonderful addition to the lifes of Snowy and Tinks. We cannot begin to describe how happy we are with her service. It has been very reassuring knowing that someone like Patrice is looking after our babies while we are at work. From the daily summaries she leaves to the consistent and reliable service she provides, she brings an unparalleled professional and passionate approach. - Sue & Richard in Tolworth
We were delighted to leave our beloved cat in the capable hands of Patrice, who looked after him really well. The attention to detail and the members area on the website where you could view pictures of your pet, made the whole experience very pleasant. I have no hesitation in recommending Patrice. She clearly genuinely cares about animals. - Chris & Izzie in Surbiton
A friend introduced Surrey Pet Angels to us and that was over 8 years ago. Patrice has cared for our two tabbies ever since and we have come to think of her as part of the do our two pusses. We trust her implicitly so much so that we have given her a key to our home to keep. We appreciate her sending a few photos or video clip via Whatsapp, knowing that they are happy and safe makes being away much easier. We would not hesitate to recommend Patrice and her services. - Michael, Jessica, Lofu & Lohan in Claygate

Professional Dog Walking


Established 9 Years

A lot of the dogs I walk have been with me for many years, with the owners trusting me to look after their furry family members in all situations. So, rest assured, your dog will be loved and well cared for.


Full Hour Walk

Your dog will get a full hour walk off-lead in either woodland, heathland or at our own field. Your dog will come home fully exercised after an hour of play, tired but content.

doggie daycare

Doggy Day Care

I go out in all weather twice each day, in rain or snow. If your dog stays with me for day care, he or she will be with me for both walks, so will be well exercised when he or she comes home..


Your dog will socialise with good-natured dogs of all breeds


Your dog's walks will be full of playtime with balls, sticks, frisbees and water


Your dog will always be held on lead until we get well away from any car park or road


After every walk your dog will be fully exercised and content

Holiday Cat Visits

While you are away, I will visit your cat daily in his or her own home to care for all of his or her needs - food, water, litter tray, cuddles.

Basic home security tasks will also be done for you so it looks like someone is home.

I am a multiple cat owner, trustworthy, established 9 years with an excellent reputation so you can rest assured your cat will be properly looked after.

It will only ever be me that visits or holds your key, so you know who will be looking after your cat. While you are away I will update you that everything is OK back home.

I have literally hundreds of happy cat owning customers, so enjoy your holiday knowing that you will come home a cat that has been well cared for.

9 reasons why my home cat visits are better than catteries

  • tickYou will rest easy that your home is safer with my daily visits. After caring for your cat, I will perform basic home security duties, such as removing the post from the front door area and opening/closing curtains.
  • tickYou will have the peace of mind you left your cat where it would choose to stay if it could, at home in his or her own territory, rather than confined to a cattery cage.
  • tickYou will allow your cat to sleep in his or her favourite spot, to sit looking out of her favourite window and free to roam totally content where he or she feels safest.
  • tickThe feedback of customers who tried home visits instead of locking their cat in a cattery cage speaks volumes. They feel home cat visits are a kinder alternative for a cat than a cage.
  • tickYour cat will not be exposed to the stress of nearby barking dogs, as some catteries have dog kennels adjacent.
  • tickYou will know your cat is feeding on all his or her favourite foods and treats.
  • tickYou will save yourself the time spent touring several catteries to inspect them.
  • tickYou will save yourself the pre-holiday stress you would have had taking your cat to the vet for the vaccinations that catteries require as condition of entry.
  • tickYou will have no pressure dropping your cat off to the cattery on the way to the airport!

I strictly limit the number of cats I care for to allow the necessary time with each pet to care for all their physical and emotional needs, so book a space for your cat now with Patrice on 07798 753 574.

  • Let your cat stay home in his or her own territory

    I can visit once or twice per day, according to your instruction

  • Home is where your cat feels safe

    I will put down fresh food and water on each visit and clear the litter tray

  • No emotional turmoil being sent to a cattery

    If your cat is happy to I always spend time cuddling and playing with my furry customers

  • No strange cats to worry about at home - unlike a cattery

    Multi cat families welcome - 2, 3, 4 cats no problem

  • Your home will be safer when you are away

    I will remove the post, turn lights on, draw curtains so it looks like someone is home

My Rates



  • Dog Walking 1 dog for 1 hour......£13
  • Dog Walking 2 dogs for 1 hour....£22
  • Doggy Day Care......£27


  • One daily visit......£12
  • Two daily visits.....£20

Other Pets

  • One daily visit......£12
  • Two daily visits.....£20

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